5 Reasons to Check out Pool House Sundays

5 Reasons to Check out Pool House Sundays

We haven’t talked enough about our Pool House Sundays, so we feel like we dropped the ball. Fortunately, we’re talking about a beach ball, and we like to go where the breeze takes us. And if we’re going to land in a pool, it better be the best rooftop pool in San Diego better known as The Pool House. But why Sunday? We’re going to give you 5 reasons why. 


Sunday Sunsets are the best sunsets

Don’t spend the last precious moments of your weekend in front of the TV or worrying about work. The weekend is yours for the taking, and you should savor every last moment of it. Is there a better way to savor the weekend than kicking it poolside, with a drink and friends. Or if you want to kick it in a more intimate setting, you can do it Daybed & Cabana style. Don’t sleep on the opportunity for some Sunday relaxation. 


The city view 


Most of us are on the ground floor every day. The Pool House allows you to take in some of the best views in the Gaslamp Quarter. You’ve walked 5th avenue, so now it’s time to take a look from high up. There’s nothing quite like the breeze you get from being high up above everybody. If you want to elevate your Sunday, now’s the time! Summer is here for only a few more short weeks. 


Good Vibes all around


We’re not even sure if we can totally take credit for this one! Think about it. Rooftop pool? San Diego? Craft Cocktails? Amazing Food? Party atmosphere? DJ’s… okay, now that we’re saying all of these things, we’re thinking we’re going to take some credit on this. We’ve turned Sundays into a party, and the only thing that’s missing is you. 


Getting your tan on has never been more comfortable


We’re not trying to throw shade at the beach, but while we’re on the subject of shade we have some pretty amazing umbrellas on the rooftop. There is a time for the beach, but if you want to catch some rays without having to hose all the sand off, then The Pool House is more your speed. The beach will be waiting for you when you want to catch some waves another day. 


Exclusivity that you deserve


If all of the above sounds amazing, then it’s time to book a reservation. What are you waiting for? We feel like we’ve been doing all the talking here! There are only a few weeks left until autumn, so now’s the perfect time to have a legendary summer Sunday at The Pool House San Diego. 


About The Pool House 


Boasting some of the best views in the Gaslamp Quarter, The Pool House at Pendry San Diego is a premier rooftop lounge, embodying the essence of the Southern California lifestyle. Light, contemporary, and open-air, the indoor/outdoor space is perched above the Gaslamp’s famed 5th Avenue and plays host to relaxed daytime and evening events featuring a signature bar and cocktail experience for poolside guests.

The Pool House is open Sunday-Friday to the public 11am – 6pm