Daybeds and Cabanas at The Pool House

Daybeds and Cabanas at The Pool House

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In San Diego, the weather’s just about always perfect for a poolside getaway. At The Pool House, our unique rooftop space offers a getaway from the everyday right in the center of the bustling Gaslamp Quarter, complete with a beautiful pool, some of the best views of the city, incredible cuisine and drinks, and people watching that is second to none.

One of the best ways to maximize your poolside experience is to take advantage of our unique daybed and cabana service. With this VIP service, you can actually reserve a poolside daybed or cabana in advance, so that you’re guaranteed a prime spot when you arrive, along with many other perks. Here, we’ll explain the benefits of this service and why it’s one of the most luxuriant ways to enjoy The Pool House!

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Daybeds and cabanas: poolside pleasure at its best. Spending the afternoon or evening (or all day; why not?) at The Pool House is always an enjoyable experience. But securing a prime spot on one of our daybeds or in one of our cabanas makes it even better. You’ll feel like the king or queen of the world (or at least the pool)!

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What does The Pool House’s daybed and cabana service include? We don’t call this “the ultimate VIP experience” for nothing. To start, the service includes quick and easy entry to the venue for you and your entire group. You’ll be whisked directly to your own daybed or cabana, where you’ll enjoy private wait-service, bussing service, and a security staff.

Your purchase of the daybed or cabana service affords you complimentary entry into the venue, so you can relax and just think about what food and beverages you’d like to order and enjoy with your group. Will you opt for one of our creative gluten free dining options, or will you zero right in on the frozen drinks? Decisions, decisions.

In a see-and-be-seen space, daybed and cabana service is the way to embrace the scene in style.

Why seek out private daybed or cabana service? Daybed and/or cabana service allows you the luxury of enjoying The Pool House on your terms, and in luxuriant style. Your own private area gives you and your friends the space to enjoy the events and goings-on at The Pool House. Not only will you have the best views, but you’ll be guaranteed amazing service with your own mini-staff serving you food and drinks and maintaining your space throughout the day. Picture this: your glass will never be empty, and you won’t have to wait for your turn at the bar! It also gives you the opportunity to mingle and socialize. Undoubtedly you’ll make a lot of friends, and fast, when you’ve secured this VIP service!

Where are the daybeds and cabanas located? Our daybeds are located all around the pool deck. Umbrellas are included for shade. Cabanas are located at the end of the pool deck, and afford you an ideal view of all the action!

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Why reserve? We do suggest making a reservation for daybed and cabana service at The Pool House. Happily, The Pool House is an in demand locale. Reserving your spot in advance means that you won’t have to deal with crowds or waiting in line to enter the hottest spot in town. Since our books can become filled quite fast, making a reservation is highly suggested to ensure the best poolside experience possible. In particular, we suggest booking in advance during peak times (holidays and weekends, for example), and especially for Pool House Sundays.

How far in advance should I reserve? Given fluctuations based on the season and local events, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how far in advance you should make your booking. However, a good rule of thumb is to book your space about a week in advance.

Can I just show up and reserve? Yes, you can! Walk-up reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. However, do know that particularly during peak times, you cannot be guaranteed a spot unless you have made a reservation in advance.

How much does it cost? For the most up to date pricing and availability, contact our hosts.

What are your hours? Fine question! The Pool House is open to the public Monday through Saturday at 5pm for our Rooftop Social. On Sundays, we kick off the action at 1pm for our infamous Pool house Sundays. Hotel guests are permitted to visit The Pool House from 9am to closing on a daily basis.

A day spent poolside is good for the soul. At The Pool House, we want to offer you a vacation from the ordinary with our breathtaking views, shimmering pool, awesome people watching, and inspired food and drinks. We truly believe that our cabana and daybed service is the best way to maximize a day of fun at The Pool House! Make your reservation today.

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