Take a Break From the Holidays and Enjoy a Healthy Meal at the Pool House

Take a Break From the Holidays and Enjoy a Healthy Meal at the Pool House


If there’s one thing the holidays are known for, it’s indulgence. Between now and New Year’s, your calendar is packed with festivities and gatherings with friends. Of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays if all this celebrating didn’t involve decadent eats, followed up by a few calorically heavy cocktails. While it all might be worth it in the name of creating amazing holiday memories, there will be times when you, and your body, are ready for a little recovery.

When the holiday menus have you feeling like you’ve celebrated a bit too much, there’s one place you can count on for providing you with incredible food, that also happens to be healthy for you, without compromising a bit on flavor. The Pool House offers some of the best views in San Diego, not to mention some of the best options for eating healthy during the Holidays.

Healthy Options on the Pool House Menu

When you’re in the mood for lunch with a view, the Pool House is the rooftop lounge in San Diego that offers the most spectacular views of the city’s skyscape. Of course, during peak summer season, the city isn’t the only view to enjoy as beautiful people flock to the Pool House to enjoy leisurely afternoons in one the daybeds or cabanas on site. While the atmosphere and views are among the top reasons why the Pool House is the hottest rooftop bar in San Diego, there’s an entirely different element that also keeps people coming back – the unbelievable delicious, and healthy food.

The Pool House doesn’t offer up the typical bar menu, whish is a welcome change during the holidays when it seems like healthy nibbles are a rarity on the party scene. An afternoon at the Pool House is the perfect way to unwind from the holiday stress and nourish your body with a dish created by the innovative minds in the Pool House kitchen.

The Pool House offers a range of light dishes, salads, sandwiches, and entrees that are perfect for refueling after too much holiday celebration, or for sharing with friends for an afternoon gathering that strays away from the typical holiday party scene.

Here are just a few of the incredible options you’ll find on the Pool House menu.

Light Dishes to Satisfy a Healthy Craving

Sometimes all you really need is a little nibble to hold you over, or something to help banish the blues from a little too much celebrating the night before. The Pool House menu is packed with healthy options to help you recharge and refuel, in the most delicious way.

Maybe you want something light but classic, like a shrimp cocktail, or maybe you’re thinking of exploring something new and incredible from one of San Diego’s finest kitchens. In this case, you might want to try something along the lines the Pool House’s coconut ceviche, or a Mediterranean plate with a selection of fresh hummus tahina, marinated olives, creamy whipped feta, and quinoa tabbouleh served with grilled pita bread.  Prefect for a little light munching while you’re enjoying an afternoon away from the holiday stress.

Refuel with Healthy Sandwiches and Entrees

If you’ve been out shopping, or maybe endured a busy, hectic morning, then you might be in the mood to nourish your body with something a little more substantial. The Pool House offers up a selection of sandwiches and entrees that are sure to satisfy your appetite, without sabotaging your healthy eating efforts.

Those who would rather not sink their teeth into a greasy hamburger might enjoy savoring the Pool House’s Beyond Meat Burger – a vegetarian option that’s perfectly dressed in Dijon veganaise, vegan cheese, fresh, juicy tomato, and tangy picked red onion. You’ll also find healthier versions of some of your other favorite classics, like fish tacos with yellowfin tuna and cabbage slaw – or try something completely new, in which case, we’d like to recommend the apple quinoa salad with apples, chickpeas, roasted pumpkin seeds, gouda and a seasonally appropriate apple vinaigrette.

Don’t Forget Dessert

We all know there’s no shortage of treats to be enjoyed during the holiday season. If you’re trying to be a little more conscious about the caloric energy you’re consuming, you might be passing up on some of the holiday decadence and maybe even feel a little left out. The last thing we want you to feel is deprived, which is why you’ll find the perfectly light and refreshing dessert that you’re looking for on the Pool House menu. Think along the lines of creamy but delicate sorbet sampler, featuring three scoops of our featured seasonal sorbet. Pure delight with not a hint of guilt.

Take a Break and Spend an Afternoon at the Pool House

During the holidays it can feel like you’re constantly running non-stop, even if it’s all to spend time with the people you enjoy the most. It’s ok to give yourself permission to slow down for an afternoon and focus on you and fueling your body with something healthy and nutritious to get you through the next holiday push. The Pool House is the perfect spot in San Diego for taking a break from the holidays and relaxing in an environment that feels like an entirely different world. RSVP and make your reservations at the Pool House today.