It’s That Time of Year Again – Pool House Sundays Are Back!

It’s That Time of Year Again – Pool House Sundays Are Back!

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It’s Time to Celebrate Summer and Great Times with Pool House Sundays

The weather’s getting warmer and the sun is starting to hang around a little longer each day. There’s no denying it – those lazy, hazy days of summer are almost upon us. We all know that the best times of summer happen on the weekends, which is why we’re so excited to announce that it’s time to once again welcome the arrival of Pool House Sundays!

At the Pool House, Sunday is really is the most “fun” day of the week, especially as spring starts to transform into summer and the days get luxuriously longer and more leisurely. To celebrate the upcoming shift in seasons, we invite you and all your friends to join us on at our Pendry San Diego rooftop lounge for our Pool House Sundays.

Wait, what’s all this Pool House Sunday hype about? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is the Pool House and Why Are Sundays So Special?

There’s definitely not a shortage of things to do or see in San Diego, and if you’ve never been to the Pool House, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. What could possibly be so great about this place that it tops all the other sights and sounds of the city?

Well, for starters, the Pool House offers one of the best views in San Diego. Perched in a prime location above the Gaslamp Quarter’s 5th avenue, the Pool House offers a view of the city’s skyscape that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

The Pool House is an open air, rooftop lounge that features a spacious but inviting outdoor space, a crystal-clear gorgeous pool to cool off in and one of the tastiest menus you’ll find in any rooftop bar in San Diego. When you visit the Pool House, you’ll experience the luxury of an upscale bar in the epicenter of San Diego’s famed Gaslamp Quarter.

At the Pool House, we know that Sundays are special. Sunday’s are the closing act of the weekend, that last taste of being relaxed and carefree before diving headfirst into the land of adulting on Monday morning. This is why we make a point of putting in a little extra effort for our guests on Pool House Sundays.

Pool House Sundays feature extended hours, offerings of our full menu, great entertainment and you can make the experience even more special by requesting our VIP bottle service.

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Why a Day at the Pool House Is the Perfect Finale to Your Weekend

Let’s face it, weekends can get hectic. Even touring around San Diego and trying to take in all the sights can be exhausting. The Pool House Sundays are here to offer an end of the weekend respite to enjoy good company and kick back for a bit.

Pool House Sundays are special because they only happen during a certain time of year – which just happens to be those blissfully hot and sun-drenched days of summer. Our regular patrons consider the launch of Pool House Sundays to be the official kick-off for summer.

Take a visit to the Pool House on Sunday and you’ll feel like you’ve entered your own little private island oasis. The wide-open air and warm breezes combined with a luxury resort like atmosphere is the perfect venue to enjoy a day of drinking and nibbling with friends – and because the Pool House is a social hotspot, this will also include the new friends you meet while you’re here.

Awesome Food and Spirits to Fuel Your Sunday Fun

Let’s see, there’s a pool to dip your toes (or your whole body) in, warm gorgeous sun, and beautiful, friendly people. It’s not like you really need anything more, but the Pool House offers an exceptional menu if you’re in the mood for lunch with a view – not to mention some amazing, juicy cocktails to overindulge in.

If you’re in the mood for a cocktail with a bit of a tropical flair to match the resort style vibe, you’ll love the Flying Hawaiian made with high end rums, coconut, pineapple, lime and some tangerine Red Bull for a little extra zing. Or maybe a pitcher of Passion Berry Mojitos featuring Cruzan passionfruit rum, raspberry, mint and lime is what will quench your thirst.

Don’t worry, there’s also plenty of delicious nibbles to keep your energy up – and counter some of the effects of the generously poured drinks. Whether you’re in the mood for pool party favorites – like chips with guac and lollipop chicken wings, or something a little more substantial, we’ve got you covered.

Checkout Pool House Sundays for Yourself

Words can only say so much about the Pool House Sunday experience. The only real way to understand what’s so special about this much anticipated weekly event is to grab your swimsuit, some sunscreen and experience it for yourself. Join us at our Pool House Sunday kickoff as we welcome warm weather and celebrate summer at its best.