Why The Pool House is the Best Rooftop Bar in San Diego

Why The Pool House is the Best Rooftop Bar in San Diego

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The Best Rooftop Bar in San Diego

There are so many wonderful things about living in San Diego—the attractions, the waterfront and the people. However, many people love San Diego for the perfect weather all year round. This great weather not only makes San Diego a fun place to visit and an even more fun place to enjoy, but it also makes it a great city for outdoor bars thanks to our amazing weather!

There are so many outdoor rooftops around San Diego. There is nothing quite like taking in the views of a stunning rooftop deck and getting to enjoy your own tranquil retreat, right in the heart of our vibrant, bustling city.

While there are many rooftop bars throughout the city of San Diego, we are confident in the fact that The Pool House is the best in the entire city. Don’t believe us, here are just a few of the many reasons why we are the best roof top bar San Diego has to offer.

  1. We Have a Pool- As if the name didn’t give it away, here at The Pool House, we are more than just a rooftop bar, we are also a rooftop pool. We have one of the best pools in the city, whether you just want to sit and look at our tranquil pool while you sip on a margarita or take a dive into the water—our pool is the real centerpiece of our rooftop bar.
  2. Our Mojitos- Here at the Pool House, we have a huge menu of delicious cocktails that are perfect for sipping by the pool, but one of the many stand-out sections of our menu is our extensive list of mojitos. We don’t just have traditional mojitos but ones in fun flavors like Voconut, Passion berry and Pineapple. You can order them individually or by the pitcher—perfect for sharing.San Diego rootop lounge
  3. Our Menu is Amazing- Here at The Pool House, we know that many people come for our drinks, but it is our food that keeps people coming back time and time again. We have a huge menu of delicious, chef-crafted meals including menu items such as Coconut Ceviche, fish tacos, Frito Misto and even Sashimi.
  4. Pool House Sundays Are Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced- Here at The Pool House, we know that everyone loves a good “Sunday Funday” but we’ve taken that love up to the next level with our Sunday parties. Starting weekly at 1:00 PM, our bar brings in some of the best DJs in the city and hosts an out-of-this-world Sunday party that you have to see to believe.

Now that we have you convinced, there is no better time to come down to The Pool House and enjoy the best rooftop bar (and the best rooftop pool) in all of San Diego. We will be here waiting to show you why we really are the best in the city.