The Pool House: The Best San Diego Rooftop Bar for Day Drinking

The Pool House: The Best San Diego Rooftop Bar for Day Drinking

Best San Diego Rooftop Bar

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San Diego Rooftop Bar for Day Drinking

Looking for the best San Diego rooftop bar for day drinking? The answer is clear: The Pool House!

Located on a stunning rooftop vista in the Gaslamp Quarter, The Pool House offers unparalleled views of the sunny San Diego skyline. A stylish setting and glistening pool round out the ambiance to make it the ultimate daytime getaway for a leisurely lunch…and a cocktail or two! You probably don’t need much more motivation than that, but here are 7 reasons why The Pool House is your premier destination for day drinking in San Diego!

1. Amazing drinks

Day drinking is so much more fun when the drinks are delicious. At The Pool House, we don’t simply offer a pretty location for day drinking: we deliver the goods, too!

The cocktail menu is divided into several sections, including Refreshers, Mules, Margaritas, Mojitos, and Frozen Drinks. No matter what your cocktail style, there’s something for you! If you’re not in the mood for a cocktail, we have plenty of other options, too, including a variety of wines, beers available by draft and by the bottle/can, and even some non-alcoholic mixers for those who prefer not to party during the day.

Moreover, our bar menu is extensive, creative, and the drinks are so good that you’ll definitely be going for a second round.

Best San Diego Rooftop Bar

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2. It’s on a rooftop

Duh: daytime drinking is better from a swanky rooftop! Perched on a beautiful rooftop vista at The Pendry San Diego, located in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter, The Pool House truly does offer unparalleled views of San Diego. As dramatic as the views can be at night, San Diego’s sunny skies mean that the view is just as beautiful during the day. The idea of soaking in some rays and enjoy the blue skies from great heights as you enjoy a crafted cocktail like our Wet Sand (made with Malibu Black Coconut Rum, pineapple juice, and piña colada purée) sounds pretty much like heaven.

3. There’s a pool

Again, not to be painfully obvious, but cocktails are better when enjoyed poolside. The Pool House boasts an extremely beautiful pool which is impeccably tended and offers a gorgeous visual appeal against the sunny San Diego skies.

We’re pretty sure it’s a scientific fact: a few hours spent poolside during the day is good for the body and soul. So make the most of your daytime hours, cocktail in hand, at The Pool House!

Best San Diego Rooftop Bar

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4. Incredible food

Easy now. Day drinking is fun and all, but for the best results, you need to balance it out with a little food! At The Pool House, we have plenty of amazing food options during the daytime so that you can really party on.

Unlike many day drinking locales, our menu isn’t loaded with unhealthy fare. The Pool House is committed to offering quality cuisine that suits the California lifestyle and won’t leave you feeling like you have a food hangover. You’ll love snacking on wholesome items like our

Vegan Coconut Ceviche (made with coconut serrano dressing, and served with crispy plantains) or more classic lunch fare like our Fish Tacos (featuring local Yellowtail, cabbage slaw,chipotle crema, and guacamole).

Best San Diego Rooftop Bar

(Source: The Pool House)

5. You can reserve a daybed or a cabana

 Which sounds more fun: day drinking, or day drinking from a private daybed or cabana? The answer is pretty obvious: from the privacy of your own private daybed or cabana!

At The Pool House, we offer reservations for our daybeds and cabanas so that you can be guaranteed an amazing spot when you arrive. Particularly during busy times such as the weekends or work/school holidays when more people are out and about, this is a highly suggested service.

Not only does the service include quick and easy entry into the venue for you and your group, but it also includes private wait and bussing service and a private security staff. Basically, daybed or cabana reservation means that you can hasten the journey from mere person on the street to VIP enjoying a daytime cocktail in comfort!

6. A peaceful oasis

 As you may have already gathered, The Pool House is an extremely tranquil place to while away the afternoon.

You can’t always afford to get away on an island adventure or vacation. But for most, it is possible to take the afternoon off (cough cough, mental health day) and enjoy a bit of sun and fun and a cocktail or two. The Pool House can be such a peaceful oasis, offering a getaway from the everyday. Simply put: you deserve it!

7.Great deals for locals!

The Pool House is one of those truly unique venues in San Diego that appeals to not only tourists, but locals too. To show our support to the locals, we offer some unique specials for them!

On Monday through Friday, we offer a Locals Poolside Lunch special, wherein from 11am – 2pm locals with valid ID will receive 20% off! This is a great way to take a mini “staycation” and an opportunity to sneak away for a leisurely and maybe slightly boozy lunch!

As you can clearly see, The Pool House is the ideal spot for a little sunshine-soaked day drinking. We hope to see you soon for a little afternoon delight on our rooftop pool bar!

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