Pool House Sundays

Pool House Sundays

Guestlist, Cabana & Daybed Reservations

Sunday is Funday at The Pool House. If you want to make the most of our legendary Pool House Sundays, then Bottle Service is the way to go! With this luxury service, you can enjoy personalized service in your own reserved oasis, which means that you can max and relax, soaking in the sunshine and the Sunday vibes in style.

What is Bottle Service?

Bottle Service at The Pool House is offered on Sundays only. It is a group reservation which you can make to claim a space at our legendary Pool House Sundays by committing to a minimum food & beverage purchase at the venue. This service can be combined with cabana, grand cabana, and daybed rentals as well.

By making a Bottle Service reservation at The Pool House, your benefits will start before you even emerge on the rooftop. The service gains you the most expedient entry to the venue, so you and your group don’t have to wait in line!
Once you arrive at the pool, you’ll be whisked to your own private area where you can sit, socialize and relax. Your bottles, along with complimentary mixers, can be used to make drinks for your group; you’ll have your own mini staff including security and servers, so your every wish will be taken care of!

By making a Bottle Service reservation, your entire group’s entry into The Pool House is comped; this means that your entire investment will be on purchasing the bottles of your choosing.

Bottle Service can also be customized to suit your specific needs. For instance, is your group celebrating a birthday party? Our team can help make it special with customized details like signs, decor, or helping out with a group food order.

Moreover, Bottle Service allows you to have the ultimate day party VIP experience at The Pool House!

Benefits of Bottle Service at The Pool House

There are so many reasons why Bottle Service is the way to go on Sundays, but just to name a few:

Your own reserved space: If you’ve ever been to our Pool House Sundays, then you know how bustling the scene can be! By making a Bottle Service reservation, you ensure that you’ll have your own space to party.

Get noticed: With your own private space at The Pool House, you’re bound to garner some attention by other partygoers. It’s a great way to get noticed and make new friends fast!

Combine with daybed/cabana service: You can double your pleasure at The Pool House by combining a Bottle Service reservation with our daybed and cabana service. This is the ultimate combination for comfort and luxury, and will ensure that you have prime time real estate as the day unfolds. Daybeds and cabanas can be rented without purchasing Bottle Service, as well.

No waiting for drinks or food: Hungry? Thirsty? No need to go up to the bar or flag down a server, because you’ll have your own personalized staff to take care of you for the duration of your visit!

Choose your own mixed drinks: A Bottle Service reservation includes mixers of your choice at no extra charge, including juices and sodas. This means that you can enjoy a variety of mixed drinks from one bottle!

Complimentary entry to The Pool House: Your Bottle Service purchase grants your group gains entry to the club at no cost.

What is the cost for Bottle Service?

The Pool House’s Bottle Service requires minimum spend requirements. The requirements can be met through purchasing bottles, champagne service, food, and additional drinks (including beer, frozen drinks, and cocktails by the pitcher). The prices may also fluctuate based on factors such as holidays or special events. For the most accurate pricing, contact us!

Where will my group be located?

The location of your group will depend on various factors such as your intended spend, the size of your group, whether or not you have reserved a cabana or daybed, and the schedule at The Pool House. To ensure that you get the location you’re hoping for, make your reservation early; Pool House Sundays tend to get crowded!

Am I required to order an entire bottle?

Yes. Usually, groups will order one bottle per four people. This reservation includes various mixers so that you can create a variety of different drinks.

Does Bottle Service require a group reservation?

Yes. Bottle Service is a group reservation only. Guests often find that overall, this reservation actually saves them money, because they are ordering entire bottles rather than ordering individual drinks.

Is Bottle Service different from Table Service?

Yes. “Table Service” is the type of service you might expect if you came to The Pool House for lunch, wherein a server will take your order and then deliver food and drinks. Bottle Service is a more comprehensive service wherein a space and staff is designated to you and your group for the afternoon.

Ready to make a reservation?

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