Why Pool House Sundays Are a Must-Add To Your Social Calendar

Why Pool House Sundays Are a Must-Add To Your Social Calendar

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We all know that feeling. You wake up on Sunday morning, maybe with a little stretch and yawn, looking out the window, wondering how you’ll fill your day. When the weather is as gloriously warm and sunny as it is in San Diego, the options can seem practically limitless. However, Monday is lurking right around the corner and what you’re really after is a way to escape the inevitable and pretend that weekend just might last forever. 

When you’re looking for the perfect Sunday escape, the only place you need to be is the Pool House. With a spectacular rooftop location at the Pendry San Diego, you can only imagine what might be in store for a Sunday spent lounging poolside and sipping on a few expertly crafted cocktails. The Pool House isn’t your ordinary bar, and we invite you to join us and discover how the hottest venue in San Diego also happens to be the best place to spend your Sunday afternoon.

Why Sundays Are Best Spent at the Pool House 

Sundays can be a bit of an odd duck in the week. It’s still the weekend, but you might also be starting to wind down and just looking for some low-key ways of soaking up this last bit of leisurely freedom before Monday rolls around and kicks you into gear. For some people, Sundays are spent running around, preparing for the week ahead. We’d like to think that there are better things to do than run from point A to point B and back again on Sundays, like maybe spend a blissfully sunny afternoon sitting on the deck of the Pool House.

Of all the places in San Diego, what makes the Pool House “the” premier spot to spend your Sunday afternoon? Well, it all starts with the atmosphere. When you’re ready to kick back and forget about the world around you for a few hours, there’s no better place than a rooftop pool that offers unsurpassed views of San Diego’s skyscape. Trust us when we say the view from way up here is unlike anything you’ll find in any other Sunday hangout in San Diego. 

Plus, the Pool House is just the best place to relax in San Diego, plain and simple. With a spacious rooftop lounge that offers plenty of seating, including daybeds and cabanas you’ll just want to sink into, there’s also the sparkling, crystal waters of the pool just inviting you to dip your toes in. The Pool House is the perfect marriage between upscale luxury and low-key leisure. 

What’s more, the Pool House understands that you’re not quite ready to embrace Monday morning, so we’re going to help you hang onto the blissful weekend for as long as possible. This is why we’re more than just a little committed to making sure Sundays at the Pool House are truly something special, and worth making a reservation for. 

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Sundays at the Pool House Are Legendary

It’s impossible to talk to someone who loves spending time at the Pool House without them making a mention or two about the legendary Sundays. Sunday is the grand finale to the weekend, and the Pool House is always ready to send it off with a bang. You never know exactly what might happen on this rooftop lounge, but if it’s Sunday, you can bet it’s going to be memorable. 

The Pool House often hosts special events on Sundays, but even an ordinary Sunday takes on a spectacular twist once you step foot onto the rooftop lounge. Pool House Sundays feature extended hours, so you can plan an extra-long escape from reality as you soak up the California sun and maybe exchange a few flirtatious glances with others who are looking to indulge in a little weekend escape. 

Of course, you’re going to need to cool off from all the hot action. There is the beautiful rooftop pool to lure you in, but there’s also the incredible food and drinks that will leave you feeling like you’ve walked straight out of San Diego and into a world-class tropical resort. 

If you really want to elevate your Pool House Sunday experience a notch or two, you’ll definitely want to request the VIP bottle service for you and your friends. VIP Bottle Service is a Sunday exclusive at the Pool House. VIP bottle service is available to group reservations who have made a minimum food and beverage commitment. The VIP bottle service can also be combined with any cabana or daybed rental to take your pool side experience over the top. 

VIP bottle service entitles you to bypass the line and get down to business of soaking up the Sunday vibe at the Pool House. What’s more, you and your group will be escorted to a private area where the attentive staff will deliver your favorite bottles and mixers right to you. With your own dedicated staff, you can trust that no want or need will go unattended. The VIP bottle service is the ultimate way to bid farewell to weekend with a group of your favorite friends, and maybe a few new acquaintances that you’ll meet poolside. 

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Seeing Is Believing at the Pool House

If you’ve never experience Pool House Sundays for yourself, the only way to truly understand what you’ve been missing out in is to come and check out the poolside action for yourself. With a menu of delicious nibbles, cool drinks, and extra hot scenery, there’s no other place in San Diego that’s going to transform a casual Sunday into a day to remember. All you need to do is make a reservation. The staff and partygoers at the Pool House can’t wait to see you next Sunday, so don’t wait and make your reservation for Pool House Sunday today!