Why The Pool House is the Perfect Holiday Getaway

Why The Pool House is the Perfect Holiday Getaway


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Sometimes you want to stay at home for the holidays…but other times, you just need to get away. If it’s a holiday getaway kind of year for you, The Pool House is the perfect destination! 

Located in sunny San Diego on the premises of the gorgeous Hotel Pendry, it’s the perfect spot to wind down and relax in style. Intrigued? Here are just a few reasons why The Pool House is the perfect holiday getaway! 


(Source: The Pool House Facebook page)

Perfect Weather All Year! 

Some people dream of a white Christmas…other people dream of fun in the sun. If the latter group sounds like you, then The Pool House is definitely where you want to be.

Did you know that in San Diego, the average temperature in November is 70 degrees, and it stays in the high 60s in December? With this reliably pleasant weather, it’s a great place to take a break from the snow and ice that is common in other parts of the nation. 

So go ahead…book a cabana and take a break from the cold at The Pool House! 

The Pendry: The Perfect Place to Stay 

The Pool House is located on the premises of the Hotel Pendry in San Diego. That means you’ve got the perfect place to stay after a day of sunning yourself on the rooftop pool! 

The Pendry is considered one of the premier hotels in the bustling Gaslamp Quarter, and with good reason. The spacious rooms feature comfortable beds, high quality linens, and gorgeous views of downtown San Diego and the bay. It’s modern luxury at its best, combining breezy So-Cal style with sophisticated elegance. 

An Awesome Neighborhood

San Diego is a destination-worthy city…and the Gaslamp Quarter is one of its most in-demand neighborhoods. In spite of its relatively small size (just around 16 blocks!), it’s considered one of the biggest entertainment districts on the West Coast! 

Within the blocks of this bustling neighborhood, there’s seriously something for everyone. There’s stunning architecture, world-class cuisine, and plenty of nightlife. It’s convenient to downtown, the Convention Center, and Petco Park…so after a day of sunning yourself at The Pool House, you’ve got plenty of fun activities to choose from! 


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Fresh, Healthy Food

Holiday foods are mighty tasty…but specialties like eggnog, turkey and stuffing, and pie and cookies aren’t necessarily what you’d call light eating. 

At The Pool House, we keep things light…and delicious and healthy. It’s a great way to kick-start your resolutions a little early! 

Keeping true to California cuisine style, feature classic dishes with unique internationally inspired flavor twists.  

Our menu features flavor-filled, fresh and healthy options like our tasty Apple & Quinoa Salad, which is made with chickpeas, apple, gouda, roasted pumpkin seeds, and apple vinaigrette. 

Or how ‘bout our better-for-you burger? Our Beyond Meat Burger is made with a Veganaise dijon, vegan cheese, tomato, and pickled red onion. It comes with fries though, because you deserve a little treat!

We also have a great variety of gluten free items, including a crowd-pleasing Coconut Ceviche. Yum! 

Coolest San Diego Rooftop Bar

(Source: The Pool House Facebook page)

Refreshing Cocktails

There’s nothing like kicking back poolside with a beautifully made cocktail. At The Pool House, we’ve got a variety of refreshing and well-balanced options to choose from. 

Our Seaport Sunrise will give you an energizing kick: it’s made with Tanqueray Gin, Pineapple, lemon, agave, and Tangerine Red Bull. 

If you’re looking to wind down, our Ambrose Mai Tai will have you in a relaxed state of mind: a delightful concoction of Ambrose Banana Whiskey, Malibu, Disaronno, lime, pineapple, orange, and pomegranate.

For something bright and happy, you can’t go wrong with our Passion Berry Mojito…a heady mix of Cruzan Passion Fruit Rum, raspberry, mint, lime, and soda. It’s like liquid sunshine! 

Killer Views 

Have we mentioned the amazing views? The Pool House is a rooftop pool, and all around there’s something stunning to see. 

The bay in the distance, the glittering buildings of downtown San Diego…you’ll feel like you’re on the top of the world as you drink in the gorgeous views that abound in all directions. This is the stuff of pure Instagram magic! 

You Could Use a Holiday! 

At The Pool House, every day is merry and bright…but you don’t have to contend with the cold! With our wonderful location, perfect weather, and amazing views, it’s the perfect place to escape the stress of the holidays! 

We hope you’ll consider joining us this holiday season…make a reservation today


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