Your Lunch Break Never Looked So Good

Your Lunch Break Never Looked So Good

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Let’s be honest, for many of us working at those 9-5 jobs, lunch breaks are one of the best parts of the day. It gives you a retrieve from the hustle and bustle and the demands of the office and lets you escape for a brief moment to unwind, reset and get ready to take on the afternoon. Here at The Pool House, we know how important your lunch break is, which is why we are happy to tell all of our patrons about our amazing lunch menu here at our San Diego rooftop restaurant. We know how to make your lunch break look better than ever. In fact, here is a little preview of just how great our lunches are here at The Pool House, with a list of some of a our favorite reasons to visit The Pool House on your lunch break.

  • Our pool views. Not only can you enjoy a fun lunch break in the sun when you visit The Pool House, but you can also enjoy stunning views of our massive pool. After all, we didn’t get the name Pool House for no reason.
  • Our menu. When you visit The Pool House, you will find an extensive menu of different lunchtime specials that are perfect for a quick break in the middle of the day. Some of our favorites include our Smoked Turkey Wrap or our Maine Lobster Roll.
  • Our sangria pitchers. If you are looking for a mid-day treat, then you must try our fresh fruit sangria. We have both red and white.
  • Our drink menu. In addition to our libation menus such as our Mules and Margaritas, we also have a huge menu of non-alcoholic drinks if you are planning on doing a working lunch.

Now that we have your attention, there is no better time to plan for your next lunchtime outing and to make sure that you go to The Pool House for your next lunch escape. Our restaurant is open for lunch every week day starting at 11:00 AM. We have the perfect setting for your lunchtime adventures, whether you need a long retreat with cocktails with your friends, or need to grab a quick bite between meetings.